Boys' Club Lives Forever

by Boys' Club

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released October 1, 2015

Thank you to Jordan Voth, Jenna Priestner, Nick Fondse, Bayn Solomon, Tyler Young, Mobina Galore, Sit Calm, Sean Guezen, and all our mates.

On this record:
Zac Houston - Guitar/Vocals
Bernard Cox - Bass
Sebastian Cox - Drums

Jenna Priestner appears on "Dolores is Dead" and "Olive Oil."
Nick Fondse appears on "Dolores is Dead" and "Purgatory for Dogs"
Bayn Solomon of Minor Inconvenience appears on "Blue Hair"
Jordan Voth appears on "Blue Hair"

Boys' Club is:

Zac Houston - Guitar/Vocals
Bernard Cox - Bass
Dan Guezen - Guitar
Sebastian Cox - Drums



all rights reserved


Boys' Club Winnipeg, Manitoba

Three piece emo/punk band located in Winnipeg/Edmonton

Instagram: @boysclubmb

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Track Name: Purgatory for Dogs
Don't bother with your praise.
We've come for your malaise.

You can never kill us;
We'll never die.
We keep the balance that let's you smile.
We are incarnate we'll suffer for your sins,
But with no ascension.

There is only chaos
There is fear and shame.
We might always be lost,
It all feels the same.

There is a future without us;
It all means nothing.
If nobody wins now,
Why do we play the game?

I'll hate, but it all just means nothing.
It's late, come lay let's be nothing.
Track Name: Blue Hair
Two feral children on the street alone.
Clark's epitaph spray painted on his home.
"I'll kill you" scribbled,
Into his window.

Might be the Third World next door.

I'm breaking in the cold.
The bus stalls, thirty years old.
It's hell here I'm told;
But you'll have to pry it from my hands dead and cold.

Give me a prairie sunset,
Or give me death.

Forgive me sweet home,
Let me grow old.
Commit to you my bones.
So forever may you grow.

Keep your mountains and your coast.
Leave me Gimli rye and Louie's ghost.
Scrape your skies and bleed your oil.
To us fucking losers hidden spoils
Track Name: Dolores is Dead (Ft. Jenna Priestner and Nick Fondse)
I'm watching baseball in the park,
Relearning kickflips in the dark,
Trying to sleep in the library,
Help my grandfather cut down trees.

I'm drinking at the bowling lanes,
Lying motionless in the lake.
And i feel tired sometimes.
I should feel sober sometime.

Mary I'm distracting like you've been asking.

So long solace.

Drove her to work I didn't sleep.
Picked her up crying from the wedding.
I left her pacing in the street.
I chewed gum cause she quit drinking.

House sat her sisters', didn't sleep.
She has blue hair it's killing me.
Ignoring our future so bleak.
I hope my absence makes her weak.
Track Name: Olive Oil
You are my Catholic guilt.
I watched him let you wilt.
Let them make me a martyr.
Could you please stare harder.

Mary, your burden is gone.

I'll join you in exile.
What they're missing in that smile.
I'll make a sinner out of you.
If it's the last thing that I do.
Track Name: Racinette
Girls who smoke weed,
They don't like me,
Like when I was nineteen.
I'm not sure what that means.
I'm over underwhelming.

Quarter life crisis,
Let's pray that our vices,
Will never subside.
Will you stay by my side?

I'm far too young to feel so jaded.
I'm far too old to feel alienated.
Too broke to be medicated.

They've long since grown tired with all my lamenting.
But there's something about me that keeps on preventing,
Me from shaking the feeling,
That if nobody's worried than nobody cares.
Track Name: Demigods
The sun sets and steals her horizon.
I'm kilometres away. Stare at the train window.
Barred from all of the plans she's devising.
Scream across the prairies, pray my voice echoes.

There are no greener pastures,
When the blades have all been drowned in oil.
You'll be destruction and I'll be disaster.
We'll never flourish here; We'll only toil.
Track Name: Mary I Hope You're Painting Again
You deserve an art gallery.
You deserve to reclaim your soul's sincerity.
You deserve that pet rabbit for which you've always been wishing.
You deserve to be surrounded by ambition.

But these are things you may never see.
Respect should be so commonplace, never a rarity.
You've burned your pedestal to swim with mediocrity.
Through those black clouds can't see you shining.

If you'll never be the same,
That is the world's shame.
I don't think you understand the loss.
Modest to a fault,
You're losing weight in salt.
All i feel is crippled by the loss.

You say I'll forget and be happy.
But the process seems far different to me.
I'll destroy every part of me
That's receptive to such purity.

I feel like Nick Carraway,
And Mary you're my Jay Gatsby.
You're better than the whole lot, clearly.
But you're too jaded to see.

If you'll never be the same,
That is the world's shame.
I don't think you understand the loss.
Modest to a fault,
You're losing weight in salt.
All i feel is crippled by the loss.

Mary I hope you're painting again.